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Hi, I am Tina B, MD. A pediatrician on a mission. I am passionate about helping and guiding parents in finding what works for them. I help to put things into perspective. I am your best friend and companion in the first years of your child’s life.  As a pediatrician and a mom, I know what the most common parental struggles are. I know how life dramatically changes after you become a parent, especially after the first baby. I am also aware of how overwhelming the emotional roller coaster of hormones is after birth. What feelings arise. Feelings of happiness, excitement, bliss and love. The fact that the baby is totally dependent on parents brings about such a feeling of responsibility like never encountered before. The thoughts and feelings of not being good enough often prevail. A critical moment happens when first questions, problems and fears arise. How to be the best possible parent? How to raise your child right from the start? Moreover, I know how much conflicting and sometimes misleading information parents can get doing research on their own. This often doesn’t create a peace of mind nor builds confidence, but often leads to confusion and deepens frustration.

I know how important relationships are after the new family is created and how devastating bad relationships are in that manner. I know how relationships that are not supportive, tend to get worse after the initial “honeymoon” period after the baby is born passes. I totally get and understand how much fear can first-time grandparents impose, even though they love the little bundle more than their own life. I know how this can shake the ground of the parents. The ground that needs to be strong and solid in order to little sunshine to thrive. I know what real support should look like in such moments. Support without judgement, support oriented into what YOU need not what someone else thinks is good for you and your child.

I believe that the first thing our child teaches us is how to say “NO” and how to start listening to ourselves. To inner voice, intuition, gut feeling or whatever you may call it. I want to empower you to know that YOU and YOU only know what is best for you and your child. Children are our best teachers. I truly believe in saying that it takes a child to raise a parent.

I believe that when it comes to personal development, parenting and raising a child no generalisations can be done. We are all different and our children as well. We all have different subconscious beliefs and mindsets, different lifestyles. My philosophy is that parents should take only those bits of all the parenting theories and approaches that SERVE them and create their own UNIQUE, “personalized” approach that is a perfect fit for them and their child. Being a parent every child wishes to have is all about connection, understanding and respecting your child from birth on.

Much Love,

Working with Tina B, MD is working on personal development, living the life you want and enjoy parenting on a new level!! I love her ❤️

Diane Stanley - Alberta, Canada

Working with Tina B, MD was a blessing. Working with her was the best decision I ever made. It was investment into myself - my true self. Investment into my family and into my dream life.

Anja Bauer - Munich, Gemany

There are no words. She does magic!!

Irene McDoughal - Zurich, Switzerland

Tina B, MD is not a coach, she is not just a doctor, she is a mixture of positive energy, motivation, inspiration. She turned my life around. I never realized how important it is to start with myself to understand and be more patient with my kids!! She is an Angel.

Christina Land - New York

My Mission

My mission is helping, supporting and empowering parents. We all carry Brilliance inside and when we connect back to it, to who we are, our life gets into alignment.  This is the ultimate step to connecting and understanding – “tuning in” to our children. I believe that being a parent means the greatest personal growth and personal development opportunity one ever gets.  So it is crucial to use it to the fullest. In the first 5-7 years of life child’s subconsciousness is “programmed” through modelling the parents. This subconscious programs and paradigms are what drives our reality and the way we perceive and experience the world as adults.  Therefore we need to become the best possible versions of ourselves as parents. When living the authentic self, the success and life we all dream of are attained as a by-product of a happy and joyful life full of excitement. This, in turn, has only one side effect. Raising happy and successful children and becoming a parent every child wishes to have.

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